About Screwball

Screwball Paddles emerged in 2023 from the shared passion of three dedicated pickleball enthusiasts.

Paul reluctantly entered the pickleball scene by Steve's insistent enthusiasm, only to end up smitten and in love with the sport. Steve, the master persuader, was able to lure Lilia to join in and the three became pickleball aficionados faster than you can say " screwball".

After a year of intense game play and more paddle purchases than they care to admit, Paul had a pickleball induced inspiration (perhaps with a touch of liquid motivation). He convinced Steve and Lilia to create a pickleball paddle catering to the younger demographic of players as they embark on their pickleball journey.

Recognizing that pickleball players are getting younger every year, Screwball Paddles was founded on creating exceptional paddles that don't break the bank nor compromising on quality. The trio embarked on a quest to provide awesome paddles for players entering the fastest growing sport in the US, without gouging their wallets. Their mission was to make pickleball accessible to all and start a pickleball revolution.

Screwball paddles won't make you pawn your xbox or have to live off ramen. Like a legal screwball serve, they are committed to focusing on fun! So to all the future screwballs, grab your paddle and a glow in the dark ball and keep your balls out of my kitchen...because you've been served!